My name is Jose, Garcia Cesar is my family name. Garcia is from my dad and Cesar is from my mum, thanks to them I had a fantastic life. And I am proud to sign by their names.

I was born and raised on the Mediterranean side of Spain, and I have been fortunate to work with incredible teams from all over the world. I am an international graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist with over 20 years of experience in the creative industry.

Now settled in Hobart, I enjoy taking on local and international commissions as well as teaching at the School of Creative Arts and Media at the University of Tasmania.

I have a creative background on a variety of different roles such as director, creative director, art director, illustrator, visual artist, graphic designer, motion designer and juggler. I worked with international advertising agencies such as McCann, BBDO and Leo Burnett, designing and producing various advertising projects. Among my clients were Asahi, L'Oréal, Energizer international, Discovery Chanel China and Carlsberg.

I am always open to new challenges, so feel free to contact me by email, morse, jumping on me on the street or using smoke signals.